Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Giving Back to Society

Activities to Help & Uplift

We welcome you to visit HTOA office & get to know, how all the proud members come together operate & achieve various goals set by the association.

With changing consumer demand, the role of HTOA has also evolved over the past few years. As consumers make a shift from the brick and mortar model to e-commerce platforms and put the social development of the nation in the same realm as the economic development, HTOA along with its members have stood in support of the changing ecosystem.

Where on one hand the HTOA has exponentially helped in the growth of the Indian economy by providing livelihood and employment to thousands of people and meeting consumer demands with innovation, they have also been heavily contributing to the social development of the country through their community development initiatives.

301, Commercial Manor,
4th Cross Clive Road,
Masjid Bunder (East),
Mumbai - 400009,
Maharashtra, India.